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  • How much do your birds cost?
    Our prices range depending on age, breed, and quality. On average our birds will start around $100 and go up.
  • Do you ship? If so how much does it cost?
    Yes, we do offer shipping through the USPS. We are NPIP Certified so can ship within the United States. We do follow all State Requirements for shipping. The price of shipping various depending on what breed you are purchasing, how many and where the bird(s) are being shipped.
  • Do you sell eggs and/or chicks?
    No, we do not sell eggs or chicks. First, the risk of shipping eggs and chicks is very high. You end up with non viable eggs from rough handling. With chicks the risk of them getting banged up or cold is very high. Also we can not guarantee quality. Our main focus is to make sure our customers are happy with their birds they get from us.
  • Do you guarantee the sex of the bird you sell?
    We do not guarantee the sex of the bird if they are under six months old. If you would like a DNA test performed that will be at the buyers expense. We do our best to determine the sex of the bird(s) we sell but we have had pretty girls turn into handsome boys.
  • Why do you only sell juvenile & adult birds?
    Our main focus in raising poultry is to make sure they meet the American Poultry Standard of Perfection. We focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. In order to do this we have to cull very hard. We only want to sell our customers birds that we would be proud to have in our own program. In order to achieve this it takes time for birds to mature. A 12 week old bird has a lot of maturing to do and you really don't know what that bird will look like in 4, 8, 12 weeks from than. When we sell a bird we want you to know you are getting exactly what your paying for.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept *Cash *Paypal *Venmo
  • Where can we see what birds you have available?
    We will always post birds we have available on our CMB Lucky Little Cluckers Facebook page.


Shipping Policy

When shipping poultry there is always a risk that is taken. We can not guarantee the safe handling of the birds. If the birds will get held up at a stop for an extended period of time or lost in transport. These are all things that are out of our control. Also how the birds will cope with the stress of transport. These are all things to keep in mind when making the choice to ship birds. 

When shipping birds we will check with the importing state for verification of any health requirements that need to be followed to safely import birds into that state. Some require additional testing, health papers, etc which is at the buyers expense. 

Shipping Rates: The shipping expenses are all the buyers responsibility. This includes the shipping cost & box fees. These rates are subject to change. Please contact us for an estimated shipping cost before purchasing birds.

If Loss Occurs:

We know things do happen and our main goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchase. If a bird does die upon arrival or within 24 hours of arriving we will replace the bird with a bird of equal value. Some requirements must be met for replacement. If those requirements are met you will be added onto our list and when a bird becomes available we will notify you. All shipping & box fees are the buyers expense though. 

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